FTC Summer Research Fellowship Program

[Interested in Tech Policy? The FTC is starting a summer internship program, and they're looking for someone with precisely your skillset. Really. Come join me in DC this summer! - Erica]


Summer Research Fellowship Program
Technology and Data Governance
U.S. Federal Trade Commission

The mission of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is “to prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process; and to accomplish this without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.” TheTechnology and Governance Research Fellowship Program is a 10-week program designed to give students hands on experience with work relevant to the FTC by assisting with real-work exploratory projects. Additionally, the FTC seeks to use this program to broaden its ability to understand and respond to current topics in technology.


1. Must be a U.S. citizen

2. Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at a college, community college, or university (two-to-four year institution), having completed at least 2 undergraduate years.

3. Have an interest in government, technology, or computer science

4. Must possess strong written and oral communication skills


•   This is a 10-week program (starting June 16) in the summer of 2014.

•   Fellows will be expected to work from approximately 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday

•   Applications must be received online via www.usajobs.gov


•   Fellows are paid a competitive salary and expected to cover housing costs from this. Housing is not provided.

•   Fellows will be eligible for transit subsidy of up to $130 per month.

•   Round trip airfare ticket to and from school/ home is not provided.

How to Apply

•   Essay: Should be between 300-500 words in length explaining how this fellowship will complement your academic experience/goals.

•   Current Resume: Your resume should not exceed one page

•   Two Letters of Recommendations

Participate in the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference

[Thanks Professor Martonosi!]

NCWIT is excited to announce a collaboration with Apple to increase the participation of young women in the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference.

Here are some quick highlights for student scholarships:

- Now open to students 13+, application details developer.apple.com/wwdc/students

- No paid program membership required. (By contrast, regular ticket purchase is only available to current paid program members) Developers who are not already registered will be directed to register for free as an Apple Developer during submission of their scholarship application.

- Students must create an app and submit it to be considered for the scholarship.

- Submissions will be accepted starting Friday April 11 at 10am until Monday April 14 at 5pm

- Full details and guidelines for app submission and well as terms and conditions can be found at the student pages in the links below.


Miss Representation Screening April 4 at 4:30PM Frist 302

April 4 at 4:30 PM come to Frist 302 for a screening of Miss Representation.Miss Representation is a film about how objectification of women in the mainstream media makes it difficult for women to achieve significant positions of power and leadership positions within government and business. Objectification and the over-sexualization of women leads to women exhibiting lower confidence levels which reduces the chances that they will compete in political campaigns or lead organizations. The lack of female leadership is also evident at Princeton where women rarely lead student groups, as shown by the findings by the Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women’s Leadership. 

Discussion groups will follow the film screening & delicious refreshments from Bent Spoon will be served (cookies & hot chocolate!) 

Co-sponsored by PWiCS, Equal Writes, Princeton Film Society, and the GSS Department. 


PM Internship at Kitchensurfing

Prithvi Raj ’06 sends the following message about a summer PM opening:

I just joined a startup called Kitchensurfing to run their product team, and am looking to potentially hire an intern onto our team. The role is designed for an MBA intern, but we’d be open to a rockstar undergrad – someone with strong analytical skills, a technical background, and a good communicator that is ambitious, enthusiastic and hardworking. The summer project would definitely be really meaty and we’re open to hiring a strong performer on full time.

The link to the JD is here: https://www.kitchensurfing.com/jobs/53274e9e0c4066e555000001 but any students can just email me directly at praj@kitchensurfing.com.

AB COS Open House

Hi PWiCS! Check out this awesome event:

AB COS Majors Open House Feat. Bent Spoon Cookies!

Some unknown CS entity is hosting an open house for potential AB COS sophomores. Declaring can be a difficult decision, so it would be great if upperclassmen could come answer questions and give advice for potential majors. It’s also a great time to meet your fellow ABs!

Wednesday, April 2, 4:30-6:30pm
Tea Room (CS 201)

Credit to Seyi Lawal ’15 and Anjalie Field ’15 for the awesome idea!


(thanks Walker for the text)

Thurs 3/27: Water Graffiti LED Wall Build Party & Soldering Tutorial

Do you want to learn to solder? Or maybe just build something cool? Join Princeton Makers Collective on Thursday for our kick-off event: a build party for the Water Graffiti LED Wall! (That’s a 50 sq. ft. wall of LEDs that light up when exposed to water, so you can paint things with squirt guns etc.) The event will be on Thursday, 3/27, 10pm-3am at McCosh B11.
We’ll be teaching people how to solder, so newbies welcome – this is a great time to learn an important, basic electronics skill. Then, you can apply your skills to help us work on the Wall! There will be food. :)

Check out the Facebook event to RSVP, get updates, and (eventually) see photos! If you’re interested in other creative hardware projects, subscribe to the Makers Collective listserv here.

Google Summer of Code and FOSS Outreach Program for Women Internships

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software that gives the user the freedom to use, copy, study, change, and improve it. FOSS contributors believe that this is the best way to develop software because it benefits society, creates a fun collaborative community around a project, and allows anyone to make innovative changes that reach many people. 

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for FOSS projects. Participants work remotely from home, while getting guidance from an assigned mentor and collaborating within their project’s community. The application deadline for Google Summer of Code is March 21 and the program dates are May 19 to August 18. The stipend for the program is $5,500 (USD).


In an effort to improve the gender diversity in FOSS, a number of organizations are offering Outreach Program for Women internships through a program organized by the GNOME Foundation. These internships are open to women (cis and trans) and genderqueer. The internships have the same structure, the same stipend and similar program dates. The application deadline for the Outreach Program for Women is March 19 and the program dates are May 19 to August 18. Unlike in Google Summer of Code, participants do not need to be students and non-coding projects are available. In addition to coding, projects include such tasks as graphic design, user experience design, documentation, bug triage and community engagement.


To apply for either program, you need to connect with a participating organization early, select a project you want to work on, create a project plan, and make a few relevant contributions.

The mentorship opportunities are also available throughout the year for anyone interested in getting started contributing to FOSS outside of the formal internship program. In addition to the organizations participating in the Outreach Program for Women, more organizations that offer informal mentorship to all newcomers are listed here:


Lego Workshop with ThoughtWorks on 4/5

ThoughtWorks is the software consultancy that has been providing mentors for Open Source at Princeton’s work on OpenMRS. They care deeply about giving back to open-source software and creating social change with code. This event will be a great opportunity to talk with some of their engineers, play with Legos, and take a look at interesting code.

Event: Lego Workshop on Agile Development / Tech Talk with ThoughtWorks (tentative)
Time: 11 am-2 pm (end time tentative), Saturday April 5 (feel free to drop in whenever)
Place: Frist MPR C (Multipurpose room, below the cafeteria)
Food: Yes. (Lunch will be provided.)
Sign upHere. Spots might be limited, so please RSVP.

It’ll be beginner-friendly, and we’d love to see you there even if you’ve never been to an OSAP event before. The time and place are set, so feel free to add it to your calendar. (We’re still figuring out the exact event content.) And don’t forget to RSVP.