Pure Storage is hiring: 1 TB SSD giveaway + live coding challenge!

Pure Storage, an enterprise storage company, wants to meet you! We will be at the Science and Technology Job Fair (10/11, 10am – 3pm, Dillon Gym) with a live coding challenge and a 1 TB SSD giveaway.
If you are interested in an internship or full time opportunities with Pure, please feel free to contact Yining Wan at yining@purestorage.com
Why go Pure?
…learn how an enterprise storage array (with non-disruptive upgrade, high availability) is built.

…because of this.

…solve interesting problems and make an immediate impact.

…work alongside world-class engineers including such luminaries in the domain as John Colgrove, CTO and Founder of Pure Storage (also a Founding Engineer of Veritas Software).