PSA: math and CS-related listservs

Interested in computer science or math? Here are some mailing lists you might like, courtesy of PrincetonACM.

ACM – Basically computer science club; announces tech talks, Code@Nights, programming competitions, etc
Princeton Women in Computer Science – For even more CS newsletter goodness
PWiCS-social: For PWiCS social events (aka “Let’s get dinner now!”)

Math Club – For math colloquia and events and quality board game nights
Entrepreneurship Club – For everything entrepreneurship-y
Makers Collective – For building things and “hacks” focused on hardware.
Computer Science Facebook Group – For random COS in your Facebook feed. Any member can post.
PIXL-talks – For PIXL group talk announcements (Princeton ImageX Labs)
CITP-ugrads – For tech and policy events and talks
PAVE-students – The Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering list
Talks – CS department’s talks (accessible to everyone)
Even more CS lists – The list of cs lists (that is, List<List<CSGoodness>>)
Stay warm,