Startup Internship Opportunity – Decisive

[Andrea from Decisive sends this post!]

I work for a startup based in NYC and we are looking for someone local. We
are a team of 5 full time employees.  Without further ado here is the

Please send your resume and any relevant information to if
you are interested.

Decisive is a startup that helps advertisers run smarter mobile advertising
campaigns and helps the internet by not showing people ads they don’t want.

Our team is passionate about making people’s lives better with software. We
also have a lot of fun.

Decisive engineering has experience from the kernel to the browser. We use
the best new technology (distributed systems, real-time map reduce, next
generation databases) and the best old technology (UNIX ecosystem, mature
databases) in the right places. We move fast, and deploy daily.

Software Development Intern:

Decisive is looking for a software development intern. Get experience in
the fastest growing industry in tech, Mobile. We are small team, and the
products you build will immediately be used by people in the real world.


Write web software (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Build report interfaces that extract insight from data feeds

Write systems that quickly and reliably analyze billions of rows of data

Technologies you should know:

Front-end JavaScript (which framework isn’t that important)


Node.js (optional)

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me, Andrea
Dibben at