Arduino Wearable Electronics Workshop – Register Now!

[TLDR; the first Build-A-Thing Arduino workshop is happening. Pay me $50, you get a wearable electronics starter kit, and we’ll build a cool thing together! Register here.]

What, wearable electronics? Yupthey’re a thing; often overlapping with soft circuits, wearable tech is a growing field. This workshop will introduce you to the world of sewable electronics. No soldering, none of the usual wires…this stuff is seriously cool.

I’m going to place a bulk order, meaning that you’ll be getting about 20% off the usual prices  (awesome!). Then we’ll all sit down together for a lovely afternoon of creative hacking. I’ll walk you through how to get the basic project set up and working, and then we can all tinker to our heart’s delight. This is the perfect way to get your own wearables starter kit and try out a cool project. Register here.

What are we building?
A “turn signal” jacket, with LED “arrows” in the back and switches to control how they light up, is the default project. Of course, you can make whatever LED wearables project you want. I’m also throwing in some pressure-sensitive conductive fabric that you can use for something like the Firewalker shoes, as well as some other goodies. Check the supply list and dream up your own project.



What will I learn?
Basics of Arduino programming, and guidelines for creating wearable electronics projects.

What do I get?
In addition to the instructional workshop, you get to keep your 100% reusable stuff. This is a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to do wearables. For the price of $50, you get…

If you want to order other things from Adafruit as well, contact Bonnie directly at

Who’s this for?

Anyone can attend! This will be a super simple workshop, open to anyone, requiring ZERO prior circuits experience. (Like, significantly less than the last Arduino workshop.) We’ll also have TAs on hand to help. If you’re considering making something for the hardware track at HackPrinceton, this is also a great chance to acquire supplies + skills!

We may have to cap the class if it gets too big (in which we’ll do things first-come, first-served), or cancel it if fewer than 15 people sign up.

When is this?
Registration (including fees) is due by February 22nd. Workshop is on March 8th, from 1pm-4pm. In all likelihood the actual workshop will only last 1-2 hours but we’ll have the space reserved for creative hacking until 4pm.

How much $$?
Pay Bonnie Eisenman (that’s me — $50 in cash by February 24th. You can also Venmo me by searching for Venmo is preferred. Registrants will receive instructions on how to find me via email, so that we can do this in an orderly fashion…

I want the supplies, but I don’t actually want to attend the workshop.
Sure thing. The RSVP form has an option for that, too.

How do I sign up?
I’m so glad you asked. Register here! Do it!

Register at this link:

More questions?
Email Bonnie at