Lego Workshop with ThoughtWorks on 4/5

ThoughtWorks is the software consultancy that has been providing mentors for Open Source at Princeton’s work on OpenMRS. They care deeply about giving back to open-source software and creating social change with code. This event will be a great opportunity to talk with some of their engineers, play with Legos, and take a look at interesting code.

Event: Lego Workshop on Agile Development / Tech Talk with ThoughtWorks (tentative)
Time: 11 am-2 pm (end time tentative), Saturday April 5 (feel free to drop in whenever)
Place: Frist MPR C (Multipurpose room, below the cafeteria)
Food: Yes. (Lunch will be provided.)
Sign upHere. Spots might be limited, so please RSVP.

It’ll be beginner-friendly, and we’d love to see you there even if you’ve never been to an OSAP event before. The time and place are set, so feel free to add it to your calendar. (We’re still figuring out the exact event content.) And don’t forget to RSVP.