Thurs 3/27: Water Graffiti LED Wall Build Party & Soldering Tutorial

Do you want to learn to solder? Or maybe just build something cool? Join Princeton Makers Collective on Thursday for our kick-off event: a build party for the Water Graffiti LED Wall! (That’s a 50 sq. ft. wall of LEDs that light up when exposed to water, so you can paint things with squirt guns etc.) The event will be on Thursday, 3/27, 10pm-3am at McCosh B11.
We’ll be teaching people how to solder, so newbies welcome — this is a great time to learn an important, basic electronics skill. Then, you can apply your skills to help us work on the Wall! There will be food. 🙂

Check out the Facebook event to RSVP, get updates, and (eventually) see photos! If you’re interested in other creative hardware projects, subscribe to the Makers Collective listserv here.