Anita Borg Institute Board of Trustees Seeking Student Nominees

Professor Martonosi points out this cool opportunity. If you’re interested, she’ll be happy to help with the nomination and/or a letter.

Board of Trustees Student Nominations
The Anita Borg Institute Board of Trustees includes two student members. The purpose is twofold: It cultivates the next generation of nonprofit board leaders while providing a valuable service to the Trustees and the Institute. The program was created in response to student interest in the Institute and ABI’s growing need for student members to better understand outreach to university students.
Expectations of Students

  • Serve a two year term that begins September 1 and ends August 31 of the second year
  • Attend 3 board meetings a year; 2 in the Bay Area and the third at Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Join one Board committee
  • Resign their membership as of August 31 of the second year

For additional information about the benefits of student participation on the Board of Trustees as well as the voting, nomination and election process visit our site. Download the student nomination form here.

Thank you,
Anita Borg Institute