Senior Superlatives

Submit final superlatives for your friends and compete for best entry! We will close submissions by this Tuesday or Wednesday, so enter quickly!

Submit superlatives for the graduating CS seniors! Superlatives are any kind of nomination of the form “[adjective]-est [noun(s)],” such as “most consecutive hours coding without sleep” or “most likely to wake up in an unfamiliar place.” These do not need to be computer science related – but if they aren’t, are they really worth saying?
We will publish the best superlative for every COS major in the class of 2014 at the senior dinner on May 9, and the ten best will be read at the dinner. Please keep them PG-13 or at least soft R: there will be professors (and maybe even professors’ children) at the dinner. There will be a prize for the top entries, so do your best (worst?) in nominating those COS-ers. Feel free to submit more than one nomination by following the submission link.

CS Council