Interested in Art?

April Lee ’15 is looking for someone to help her build an online commissions platform for artists! Seems like an interesting and fun project — contact her at aprillee@. Please find some more details below:

For a bit of background: 
An increasing number of artists, especially digital artists, are taking commissions online. This means that they are paid to create anything from personalized icons/avatars/characters to fanart to scene illustrations to sculptures! I’ve included some links if you’d like to take a look!
The problem: 
There isn’t an online platform dedicated to taking/organizing commissions.
Right now, artists have to juggle accounts on multiple sites (such as Etsy, deviantArt, tumblr, facebook, patreon, etc) and set up each commission manually through email or a messaging system on one of the aforementioned sites. They also need to create their own “Commission Info” page and post it on multiple platforms, update everything manually, and deal with constant questioning regarding their availability and commission capacity. A lot of really talented artists are also struggling to be seen because on huge sites like deviantArt, a small handful of popular artists grab the lion’s share of the spotlight.
The other side of the problem is that though digital art is growing, a lot of people still don’t know much about it. They often confuse it with graphic design or fine art.
The idea:
Creating an online commission platform that would primarily serve two functions:
1) As an organizational and exposure tool for artists taking commissions.
2) As an online marketplace that would make it easier and more enjoyable for commissioners to search for
    artists, purchase art, and work with the artist.