3/25 OkCupid + PWiCS Girls in Tech Dinner

PWiCS is excited to present the next event of our Girls in Tech series: a tech talk with with OkCupid! Join us in the Mathey PDR from 6-7pm on Friday March 25th to hear insights about the data of dating.
People of all genders are welcome to attend!

Is love totally ineffable? At OkCupid, we don’t think so. Learn about how OkCupid sorts through terabytes of data to make sense of the math of love. How can we quantify attraction through a website? How do we experiment on human beings? What surprising facts have we learned about human nature through over ten years of dating data analysis?

The talk will be given by Dale, a software developer and data scientist at OkCupid, where she works on data analysis, machine learning, and backend engineering. She graduated with a degree in CS from Princeton 2015.

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