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The Princeton Women in Computer Science Newsletter is sent weekly to subscribers to the PWiCS listserv, which include hundreds of undergraduate and graduate Princeton students who are interested in computer science. In the PWiCS Newsletter, we highlight upcoming events, opportunities, and relevant resources for our members.

If you are interested in planning an event with PWiCS, featuring some of your organization’s opportunities on the PWiCS Newsletter, or sponsoring PWiCS, please send us an email at!

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PWiCS Coffee Chats

[TL;DR Sign up for PWiCS Coffee Chats here:]

PWiCS is sponsoring Coffee Chats on Monday, December 1st at Starbucks! We need people to table in hour-long blocks from 11AM to 7PM, so sign up for whatever time slots you’re able to attend.

If you just want to attend, the sign-up is in the same form here.

See you Monday!

PWiCS Receives Symantec Student Seed Fund Grant

The NCWIT Academic Alliance has partnered with Symantec to offer the NCWIT Student Seed Fund, a $1,000 award given to student-run programs and initiatives that promote increased participation of women in computing and IT programs. The award is available to student organizations residing in an institution that is a US university and a member of the NCWIT Academic Alliance; free membership in the Academic Alliance can be obtained by having a faculty member complete this Membership Request Form. The award is given to organizations whose initiatives align with NCWIT’s mission by proposing activities, events, or other programs that will recruit, retain, and support women in technology- and computing-related majors. (An institution can receive only one award per campus institution per year.)

This year, PWiCS has received $1000 from this fund to support our outreach initiatives! We would like to thank NCWIT and Symantec for their generous grant, and Professor Martonosi for letting us know about and writing a letter of support for our application. As you may have already heard, we will host various events including Java workshops at Splash, web  programming and Scratch workshops with Girl Scouts, and hardware workshops at Community House. Come join us at those events!

What are these emails I’m getting?

So… it’s from mailchimp. To the pwics listserv. But the posts are on wordpress? What’s going on?

We’ve been making some changes in how we organize things. Don’t worry, you’re getting exactly what you used to, although it might be formatted a little bit differently. For more information, I wrote up a way-too-long blog post that you can find here.

Welcome to the new site/list/ohlordIgiveupjustdon’tspammeplease.