What do you do?

Look under the programs nav tab for more information.

Why should I get involved?

For fun, glory, friends, adventure, excitement, and jobs!

I don’t think I know enough CS to join.

I swear, the next time I hear this I’m going storming elementary schools. Just because that guy over there sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, give yourself a week, a project, and google, and you’ll be a rails-js-bash-mvc-nosql-agile pro.

Is it girls only?

Absolutely not! PWiCS is for humans who support women in CS. I can think of 6 guys who actually come to events off the top of my head. We are currently limited to human members, although canine guests are allowed and encouraged.

How can I get involved?

OH BOY am I glad you asked! First of all, come meet us! Stop by some of our events. Come to board meetings, they’re open to all members. Volunteer for our community outreach events. Come up with ideas, yell at us until we do them.

I’m really into discussing The Plight of Women in CS, are there events for me?

Oh so many! We host various speakers and programs; check out our Girls in Tech program for more info.

I’m not into discussing The Plight of Women in CS, are there events for me?

Absolutely! Are you interested in volunteering? Learning about post-college opportunities? Eating cookies? Hanging out with other awesome women in cs like yourself? Yeah. We have events for you.

Come on, you obviously constructed these parallel questions, the answer to that wasn’t a surprise at all.

Yeah, well, that’s not a question. Ok, no more 2am FAQ writing.