Mentorship Program

The PWiCS Mentorship program is a casual way for students within the program to get to know each other and ask for advice about navigating Princeton’s Computer Science department. The program pairs each younger student, who is either already in the department or who is considering CS as a major or certificate, with an older student who serves as their mentor.

Even if students are not currently majoring in computer science but just interested in the subject, joining the program is a great way to get to know older women in the department, ask questions about choosing courses, inquire about finding internships, and learn a bit more about whether computer science is the right fit for you.

The program begins with a kick-off dinner at the beginning of the year and then continues to hold events every few weeks so that mentorship groups can continue to meet. Events sponsored by the mentorship program include program-wide study breaks and informal dinners in the dining halls organized by individual groups.

The PWiCS group would like to thank Yahoo! and the CS Department for funding previous and upcoming mentorship events.