5/6 GiT Dinner and Q&A with Graduate Students

Join us for the last Girls in Tech (GiT) event this term: an informal dinner and Q&A with a panel of female CS graduate students! Stop by Frist 309 this Friday and learn about their research and experiences and hear their insights on graduate school!
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4/19 Q&A with Kay Ousterhout ’11

Join PWiCS for a Q&A session with Princeton alum and PWiCS co-founder Kay Ousterhout! In this Q&A session, Kay will talk about what it’s like to do research and be a graduate student (and how it compares to being an undergrad and to jobs in industry).

Kay Ousterhout is a PhD student at UC Berkeley, where her PhD work focuses on understanding and improving performance of large-scale distributed systems. Kay is also a committer for the open-source Apache Spark project, which is a framework for big data processing. While at Princeton, Kay co-founded PWiCS with her friend Jen King.

[Also, there will be cupcakes!]